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Services charter – For new plants



Efficient solution
new plants

WFS offers the following services to any company looking for success-oriented design, engineering, structural, organisational, training and management solutions:


Realisation of turnkey swimming pools. A dream come true only if the professionals to whom it is addressed are really involved in the project and possess competent and specialised direct experience.


Feasibility studies: general illustrative report, technical report, financial report. Only a careful analysis of customer requirements, the initial idea, the territory, cultural, political, economic resources, energy aspects, can yield a coherent design.


Planning In our business, the structures are “regulatory”, i.e. with many formal constraints. Difficult to design. The size of the changing rooms or the position of a blade of water may affect the efficiency of the plant. The competence of the project team must be consistent with the objectives of the customer. In this way it is possible to achieve an aesthetically pleasing final result, functional and durable in time, minimising the interventions of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.


Advice on designing while verifying compliance with the regulations. The regulatory labyrinth becomes a prison for non-experts. The statutory provisions are directed towards a good project.


Management plan for start-up in order to achieve maximum profitability. The management plan is oriented for the optimisation of costs and the increase in revenue. Precise calibration of temperature, switching lights and equipment on and off, timely planning of activities and specific modes of delivery (e.g. how many students for how long and in what space with how many teachers) increase the cost-revenue gap.


Assistance during the start-up phase: With the aim to achieve full autonomy, the ones who have just started up and are learning require support and encouragement. “Assistance” means competence and willingness to guarantee the growth and the resolution of any problems or concerns. A real guide to confide in and from which to learn.