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WFS offers the following services to any company looking for success-oriented design, engineering, structural, organisational, training and management solutions:


Legislation consultancy, with particular attention to early information about the main changes in legislation and appropriate responses to bureaucratic – administrative formalities. We pledge our support for the effective resolution of problems that may arise by virtue of an evolving legal situation. Our lawyers share WFS goals and values: as this legal advice does not stop looking for a solution when necessary, but it allows us to anticipate and avoid the problems associated with superficial knowledge of the subject


Selection of executor companies and analysis of estimates


Selection of supplier companies and analysis of estimates


Selection and training of personnel with routes for the construction and growth of the team at various levels: managerial, operational, sales and after sales. As the management of sports and leisure activities is characterised by continuous and repeated interpersonal relationships, the identification of appropriate personal profiles affect the success of the proposed activities and the proper functioning of the system. Persons selected must also be supported by continuous specific training, with motivational and operational training as well. WFS constantly examines and provides its customers with high-profile lecturers and consultants.


Maintenance plans, self-control and risk assessment


Education management, marketing and communication through online coaching courses, to facilitate the creation of an organisational model adapted to the territory. We create the basis for collaboration with suppliers and local organisations. We expect a 1: 1 ratio with a resource selected together with the client to analyse the list, the analysis of competitors, the definition of commercial planning, the structuring of marketing initiatives and territorial and digital communication campaigns.


Digital graphics and web marketing services: study of the logo, corporate image, declination of the campaigns, activation of social profiles and web presences.


Financial advice: planning and the monitoring of objectives and financial resources


Evaluation of management control systems and selection of the various dedicated software. Full control of the economic and financial flows, the number of entries and the influx is as quick and as accurate if you adopt suitable management software. This allows processing of critical information for strategic decisions, data monitoring and possible correction of a problem.